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Shoes sterilizer(신발살균건조기)-

-Sterilization function

Sterilizing power was stronger by two ultraviolet lamps applied left/right side individuation

Sterilization that is no dead space because is inserted automatically to shoes inside by arm's lift function that become patent application is available.

-Deodorization function

Selected anion generator do neutralizes and remove remaining offensive odor of shoes inside.

-Dry function

Automatic temperature control function can remove faster moisture that become bacterial hotbed changelessly of product doing warm wind of 40~50 degree to do forced circulation applying built-in heater and fan motor.

-Convenience function

Operating conditions can do various selection according to state of shoes establishing 3 mode of 30/60/90 minutes.

Use is convenient by one-touch operation method by MICOM.

-Safety function

When door open, intercepts automatically ultraviolet rays lamp operation that is operating and prevents direct contact of ultraviolet rays.

Bi metal application do protect inside overheat.

Installation compatibility by where used

Equipment by place is convenient because is designed by general-type and shoes cabinet inside insertion style combined use.Because light and compact, installation and transfer are simple.

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