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Sterilizer Dryer for Dishtowel Chopping board

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  • MaterialSTAINLESS


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

* Sterilizer&Dryer for Dishtowel & chopping board


-Built in type

It is a space frugality style that use space of the kitchen to maximum.


It is design that consider interior of the kitchen.


-Ultraviolet rays sterilization function

There is excellent effect about various bacillus using ultraviolet rays germicidal lamp.


 Inside reflector can reflect ultraviolet rays germicidal lamp light and select by sterilizing power time that strengthen and want.


-Safety function

If open the door attaching door switch, germicidal lamp switches off automatically.

When open the door ultraviolet lamp switches off automatically and ultraviolet rays outward flow did safety design so that is not to outside.


-Comfortable function-

Use is convenient by electronic MICOM control.

When select function, can confirm selection contents because pilot light is lighted up, and buzzer operates.


*Product specification

Size (WxDxH) : 148 x 540 x 810mm

Color : Stainless

power AC 220V

Power consumption 21 W (6 w bactericidal lamp)

Dry temperature 70c degree